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How We Work We work in a step by step architectual process that result in a timely project completion given the variables we can control.

There are (3) primary phases to our architectual process that we follow and have proven to be successful for project order and delivery.

Our clients are involved in every phase with our assistance to assure communication and results as intended.

STEP 1 Programming, Preliminary Architectual Design and Architectual Design Development.
Here we assist in creating a project program (wish list) of spaces and objectives, provide preliminary concept drawings for review and comment and refining through Architectual design development. This results in preliminary floor plans and elevations from which the client then approves for proceeding to phase 2, Construction Documents.

STEP 2 Construction Documents
This is the phase where we incorporate the preliminary design into working drawings (blueprints) through the use of computer aided drafting (CAD). Here we coordinate our work with consulting engineers, landscape architects, etc. to develop what will become the CD's or construction documents by which project delivery is accomplished. Drawings and specifications are then issued to your contractor for permit application bringing us to the final phase, Contract Administration.

STEP 3 Contract Administration.
We provide full start to finish services through to construction completion. Here we oversee the construction, review contractor pay certificates and assist the owner in assuring compliance to the contract documents by the contractor. The majority of our client base is only seasonal here in Naples and needs the confidence while away from here that there interest is being served and protected. We only do projects that we are involved in the construction phase. This way we are assured of the end results meeting our client's needs.

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